Андро Векуа «Дельфин в фонтане»

Andro Wekua, 2018

Андро Векуа «Дельфин в фонтане»

Andro Wekua, 2018
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A limited edition of Andro Wekua’s bilingual artist’s book has been published to mark his exhibition Dolphin in the Fountain at Garage. The first 50 copies, signed by the artist, are available at Garage Bookshop.

Andro Wekua prefers the medium of the artist’s book to the traditional exhibition catalogue, with its fixed structure that includes an essay by an influential art historian and an introduction by the head of the institution. In his books, Wekua experiments with pictures by creating kaleidoscopic sequences of images and explores new ways of speaking about his art through collaborations with authors and poets. In Dolphin in the Fountain,the exhibition curator’s comments are interspersed with quotes from Osip Mandelstam, author and philosopher Leonid Lipavsky, and Russian folk tale scholar Vladimir Propp. These textual fragments allow for a better understanding of the ideas, tone, and emotions that shape Wekua’s art.

Dolphin in the Fountain is the first artist’s book produced by Garage.

The book is designed by NORM studio, Zurich.

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